Gestalt is not about reaching for the right technique or model at the right time. It is about you being yourself. A fragmented image with many scratches.


Ila Erős

What I do

Flow Coaching School: The Flow Coaching School is a knowledge and skills development program designed to help managers of organizations and independent             consultants become coaches and learn the professional and business related elements of Gestalt based executive coaching. Its effectiveness is based on the efficiency of learning by experience, the credibility of trainers and the rationality of the program.
The modules of the Flow Coaching School include theoretical sessions, demonstration, practice and processing the previous and practicing in between modules with supervisory support. Supervision involves processing the experiences of practical coaching sessions with trainer assistance.
• Group Self-reflection
• Organisation Development
• Gestalt therapy
• Teaching:
      • University – BAR ILAN UNIVERSITY
      • International certification workshop: ARPe©, GPOP®
      • Flow Coaching School

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