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"Coaching has provided significant assistance with resolving the uncertainties generated during my management work and with changing the way I interact with people."
Gabor Tari, CEO and later CEO's consultant of MAVIR, the Transmission System Operator responsible for the operation, operational control and safety of the Hungarian electricity grid

"I felt safe journeying with Ila. She accepted and liked me the way I am, while she also displayed great intuition in helping me see parts of myself and the way I operate that had previously stopped me from leading a truly good life as a leader and as a person. An unbelievable degree of change has occurred, and it is lasting and ongoing in me since the closing of our process, too."
Andrea Békési MD - medical director, Foundation "Bátor Tábor" a Serious Fun Camp

"I believed that I know who I am and I know my goals when I arrived to you however I had to swiftly learn that I do not know who I am and no idea about my goals. That was amazing that you could let me face with these during 2 meetings but that performance thanks to which I could learn myself and find my way during 6 months was really extraordinary! Thank you so very much for that!"
chief legal counsel

"Our collaboration lasted for 20 months, this allowed 20 meetings. This meant more than the previous 20 years, both professionally and humanly."

"We worked together for twenty months, that is we had twenty meetings. This meant more than the last twenty years, both in my general and professional development. The coaching process with Ila was an exciting journey, on which I have discovered so far unknown skills and characters in me. Since then these have got integrated, helping me to handle the leadership challenges.  Thanks for it!"
Nestle Hungary Head of sales

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