There is no development without confrontation.

Albert Einstein

Ila Erős

Leadership coaching

What are the benefits of leadership coaching for a leader?
It promotes a person-centred management style – which is indispensable if the leader wishes to keep the best employees in accordance with the modern approach to management
It makes communication more efficient, which will increase acceptance of the leader significantly
It offers methods that will ensure that management feedback becomes truly useful information for subordinates
Leaders learns how to promote the personal development of their employees
Leaders become more conscious of their strengths, which allows them to put them to better use
What is and what isn’t leadership coaching good for?
It helps leaders clarify their objectives and get out of ruts in which they got stuck. It includes support and confrontation, so that it has the effect of opening a wider range of feasible possibilities. Assisted attempts at making change add new patterns of behaviour to the existing ones.
On the other hand, leadership coaching is not organisation development, and it is not therapy, although it can have therapeutic effects and it does have an impact on the organisational environment. Coaches don’t provide clues to put their clients on the right track and they don’t “lay down the law”: they help their clients find and develop workable solutions. This proves easy in some cases, more difficult in others.


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