As a coach, I stand on the threshold... I cannot let the story draw me in.

Margaret Wheatley

About me

I am a coach, trainer and therapist, a partner of the Flow Group in Budapest, and the founder and director of one of its divisions, the Flow Coaching School. I introduced Gestalt therapy to Hungary, and I am one of the founders, the first chairperson and an honorary member of the Hungarian Gestalt Association. I am an honorary member of the Hungarian Organisation Development Society and a holder of their Julcsi Mezei Award. I have been working in the organisation and management development field for almost twenty years. Among other places, I have taken courses at the NTL Institute, which has a history of 65 years, and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.
• EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy): full member, and General Board member
• EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)
• INTAGIO (International Association for Gestalt in Organizations): founder, individual member, Flow Coaching School organisational member
• IPPA (Israeli Society for Organisation Development)
• Member of the board of editors of the Hungarian periodical “Pszichoterápia"

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